WILD ROSE - Symbol of love and the love of our Lord.
DOGWOOD - Symbol of regeneration, divine sacrifice and triumph of eternal life.
CULTIVATED ROSE - Symbol of heavenly love.
CALLA LILY - Majestic beauty, marriage.
LILY - Purity, innocence, virginity, heavenly bliss, our Lord's human nature.
POPPY - Fertility, sleep, rest, peace
GRAPE AND VINE - Symbol of our Lord and His followers, the church and unity.
PASSION FLOWER - Symbol of Christ, Christ's passion and death, redemption, crucifixion.
PANSY - Symbol of remembrance and meditation.
OAK LEAF - Because of its solidarity and endurance, the oak is the symbol of strength; of faith and virtue and of the Christian against adversity.
DAISY - The Christ's innocence, youth, the Sun of Righteousness.
THISTLE - Scotland, symbol of earthly sorrow and sin
LILY OF THE VALLEY - Symbol of the advent of Christ, purity and humility
TULIP - Symbol of charity and the declaration of love.
IRIS - Eloquence; a message; protection.
NARCISSUS - The triumph of divine love, sacrifice, and eternal life over death, selfishness and sin.
SHAMROCK - Symbol of the Trinity and Saint Patrick
THE CROSS - Symbol of Christ and His suffering for us. The cross can come in many different styles and shapes - each may have a different shade of symbolism.
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